Welcome to our research pages, highlighting the social context of energy transition in Canada. This site summarizes the work of our research team, centered at the University of Alberta and Dalhousie University but including research partners at other institutions. We provide information on new and old projects, research articles, reports, media interviews, infographics and other materials that we use to communicate research results and promote energy transition in Canada.

What’s New?


Our work is happening at a national scale, as well as detailed cases in Peace River, AB, Mactaquac, NB, and Southern Ontario. This site provides overviews and outputs from that work in a variety of formats.

  • Video summary of national survey on energy literacy and energy preferences in Canada


Imagination, expectation and deliberation: Pathways to wind energy landscape transitions in Alberta. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Insight Grant, $199,730 (2017 – 2021). PI: Parkins (Alberta). Collaborators: Anders (Alberta), Sherren (Dalhousie), Davidson (Alberta)

Exploring and transforming a cultural imaginary of energy development in Canada. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Insight Grant, $380,190 (2012-2016), PI: Parkins (Alberta). Collaborators: Beckley (UNB), Sherren (Dalhousie), Hempel (Guelph), Stedman (Cornell)