Research Output

This page provides a selection of reports and academic articles.

Reports on Community Energy in Canada

Assessing Barriers to Renewable Energy Development in Alberta: Evidence from a Survey on Wind Energy with Rural Landowners

Community energy in Western Canada: Insights from case studies on small-scale renewable energy development

Community Renewable Energy in Canada: A Literature Review of Methods, Motivations, Opportunities, and Barriers

Recent Academic Papers

Chewinski, M, S. Anders and J.R. Parkins. 2023. Agricultural Landowner Perspectives on Wind Energy Development in Alberta, Canada: Insights from the Lens of Energy Justice and Democracy. Environmental Sociology.

Miller, A., & Parkins, J. 2023. Contending With Equity Ownership In Indigenous Renewable Energy Projects in Alberta, Canada. Journal of Rural and Community Development, 18(2), 44-64.

Patel, S. and J.R. Parkins. 2023. Assessing motivations and barriers to renewable energy development: Insights from a survey of municipal decision-makers in Alberta, Canada. Energy Reports, (9), 5788-5798.

Afanasyeva, Aleksandra, Debra J. Davidson, John R. Parkins. 2022. Wind energy development and anti-environmentalism in Alberta, Canada (Ch. 17, 329-344), In D. Tindall, M. Stoddart, and R. Dunlap (eds.), Handbook of Anti-Environmentalism (Edward Elgar).

Parkins, J.R., Anders, S., Meyerhoff, J., Holowach, M. 2022. Landowner acceptance of wind turbines on their land: Insights from a factorial survey experiment. Land Economics.

Chappell, E. J.R. Parkins and Kate Sherren. 2020. Climax thinking, place attachment, and utilitarian landscapes: Implications for wind energy development. Landscape and Urban Planning, 199, 103802.

Chen, Y., K. Sherren and J.R. Parkins. 2019. Leveraging social media to understand younger people’s perceptions and use of hydroelectric energy landscapes. Society & Natural Resources 32:10, 1114-1122.

Sherren, K., Parkins, J. R., Owen, T., Terashima, M. 2019. Does noticing energy infrastructure influence public support for energy development? Evidence from a national survey in Canada. Energy Research & Social Science, 51, 176-186.

Parkins, J. R., Rollins, C., Anders, S., & Comeau, L. 2018. Predicting intention to adopt solar technology in Canada: The role of knowledge, public engagement, and visibility. Energy Policy, 114, 114-122.

Dairon, M., J.R. Parkins and K. Sherren. 2018. Seeking common ground in contested energy technology landscapes: Insights from a Q Methodology study. In J. Whitton, M. Cotton and K. Brasier (eds). Governing Shale Gas: Development, Citizen Participation and Decision Making in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe (Chapter 17). Routledge.

Chen, Y. J.R. Parkins and K. Sherren. 2018. Using geo-tagged Instagram posts to reveal landscape values around current and proposed hydroelectric dams and their reservoirs. Landscape and Urban Planning, 170, 283-292.

Parkins, John R., Thomas Beckley, Louise Comeau, Richard C. Stedman, Curtis L. Rollins & Anna Kessler 2017. Can Distrust Enhance Public Engagement? Insights From a National Survey on Energy Issues in CanadaSociety & Natural Resources, 30(8): 934-948.

 Parkins, J. R., Hempel, C., Beckley, T. M., Stedman, R. C., & Sherren, K. 2015. Identifying energy discourses in Canada with Q methodology: moving beyond the environment versus economy debatesEnvironmental Sociology, 1(4), 304-314.


Press coverage and social media

Global News: Alberta’s rural communities could benefit from renewable energy transition, February 21 2023

Global TV: More visible panels could be key to solar energy sell, September 11, 2018

Podcast: Interview with United Nations Association in Canada on topics of energy literacy, energy policy and energy transition to renewables.

Storymap and documentary on Mactaquac headpond research featured in Daily Gleaner article by Tara Chislett, Emotional connection to Mactaquac dam, river valley studied, January 8, 2015, page 4, 1200 words.

Agriculture, not Energy, Will Fuel Canada’s Economy in Coming Decades: Experts, DesmogCanada, July 29, 2015

Energy landscape project on Mactaquac headpond featured on CBC Fredericton Information Morning, August 13, 2013, via 8-minute interview with Kate Sherren:

New media – maps and video

Department Seminar on Landowner Acceptance of Wind Farm Development in Alberta

Holman, L., Sherren, K. 2014. Before the Mactaquac Dam. ArcGIS storymap and associated public GIS layers of pre-dam aerial photography digitized, georeferenced and tiled.

Mittelholtz, B., Marmura, H., Gutierrez-Hermelo, R., Sherren, K., Beckley, T. 2014. Mactaquac Revisited. Vimeo video.

Explore the inundation of the Mactaquac Headpond, as overlaid on old maps or aerial photography:

Overlays of current headpond extent on 1959 geology maps of the headpond

Aerial or satellite imagery maps of the headpond between Nackawic and Fredericton:



SSHRC energy project and team were referenced in New Brunswick newspaper Telegraph-Journal by team-member Tom Beckley in media around energy consultation using citizen juries (July 6, 2012, p. A1-A2).